Greet the children. Tell them that Jesus is so very happy they have come to be with Him. This is truly Jesus.

Make the sign of the cross.

Opening Remarks-Bring our hearts and minds to Jesus. Become very quiet in your heart and in your mind. Jesus is truly here in the monstrance. Even though He looks like bread, this is the same Jesus who walked the earth, was crucified, and resurrected. Ask the Holy Spirit to help us to pray during this time.

Act of Faith or Act of Love- We give Jesus our hearts and our minds and we tell Him that we truly believe He is present with us-not just in spirit, but truly here just as I am and we love Him!

Decade of Rosary- Meditate on a mystery of the Rosary such as: “The Annunciation”. When the Angel Gabriel came to Mary and asked her to be the mother of God, she said “Yes”. Even though she didn’t understand how this could be possible. She couldn’t see Jesus in her womb, but she adored Him. We don’t understand how God could be here under the appearance of bread, but we say, “Yes, Lord, I believe.” We adore Him even though we can’t see his face. Mary is always here adoring her son. We ask her to help us as we pray.

Sing a song.

Bowing before Jesus- Talk about postures of prayer. As Catholics, our bodies reflect what we are doing. When we sit, we listen, when we kneel, we are repenting or adoring, when we bow down, we make ourselves very small and humble before Our God in adoration. Guide them in a meditation. Perhaps holding baby Jesus in their arms, kissing His toes, His fingers, His cheek.

Little talk- Why are we here today? Example: Talk about the VERY important work they are doing. Talk about the revelation to St. Faustina on the sixth day. Talk about Fatima and how Mary and the angel appeared to children The angel taught children to adore Jesus. Talk about Mary’s requests of the children to make reparation for sins. These children are doing a VERY IMPORTANT job. Talk about whenever they go through the gathering space and see Jesus in the tabernacle, they should genuflect, or bow, or say, “Hello, Jesus! I love you!” or some act of love. They should also do this whenever they pass a Catholic Church.

We are providing suggestions for this time that you can use for each month.

Fatima Prayers or others from the sheets.

Contrition- Kneel. Tell them to think of the things they have done to offend Jesus. Pray silently. Jesus always forgives us.

Petitions- (Try this out. Many will be too shy to pray out loud. Or if they are very eager, just do one section of children. You won’t have time for everyone.)

Last Word Prayer & Divine Praises- Talk to them about coming back to visit Jesus very soon. They can come to the church (where Jesus is in the tabernacle) or the Adoration Chapel (where we can see Jesus in the monstrance). They can come and give their love to Jesus even if they only have one minute. If they can’t come, they can send their guardian angel with love for Jesus. Visit Jesus every day.

Sing one last song.

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