April 22, 2008
Dear Monsignor S…… (our group Pastor) and Father Antoine:

Our experience this evening with five of our boys (Timber wolves) a Catholic faith based Scouting
movement founded in Europe at Adoration was a very unique and special experience… that we would like to
share with you in support of how powerfully Jesus cries out for the little ones to come to him.

After an evening of fun, a hike and sports we surprised the five Timber Wolves with us that we would go and
visit Jesus in the chapel, a chapel with perpetual adoration at a church located close by, we encouraged the
boys to reach out to the Lord to open themselves up to his love, gaze and messages, to be not afraid and to

From the moment that we entered the chapel the Timber Wolves quickly fell to their knees and where soon
deep in prayer (while all but one was)… with utter trust and an openness to believe what they had been told
by their trusted leaders… the 30 minutes that we spent in the chapel went by in a flash… as it was time to go
home.. we reluctantly got up to leave… our smallest Timber Wolf (Kevin) was in such deep prayer that we
had to go over to stroke his head (as his face was buried in his little hands) to get his attention… with some
effort he slowly got up to leave… the Timber Wolves twice before leaving the chapel on their own again feel
to their knees in adoration and respect for the Lord…

As we stepped into the cool air one of our Timber Wolves (Thomas) was totally overcome with emotion… his
tears flowed like a river… and when we asked him what was wrong he said… I felt that Jesus touched me in
a way that I don’t understand… but I feel that I am weak… and that I feel so different… this is the same Timber
Wolf who told us earlier in the evening when we went for our hike… you know Akela that every time after I
have gone for confession I come out crying… so happy that Jesus forgave me my sins!

Upon return to our regular meeting place the Timber Wolves talked in a very excited way about how much
they enjoyed their visit to be with Jesus, how they want to return and do this again, what they asked Jesus for
(let my Mom get better, please help me be smarter at school, please help the souls that are suffering in
Purgatory, please help me be a good Timber Wolf). We talked about how much Jesus loves them and what
he will do to protect them and help them be pure in spirit, body and mind. As we completed our evening
departure prayer one of our other Timber Wolves (Justin) started to cry… much to our surprise… and when
we asked him why he was crying he said… right now I feel so close to Jesus that I can’t help but cry as his
tears flowed as he felt a little weak and overcome as he realized what he just experienced…

We have been having a “Children’s Holy Hour” almost monthly since I arrived at St Philomena’s in
Peoria, Il, three years ago. I took the idea from Fr. Antoine Thomas of the Congregation of St John,
and adapted it to suit our community here.

It lasts about 45 minutes and is a good mixture of songs (praise and worship, led on guitar), silent
adoration, petitions, catechesis, and a decade of the rosary.

We have as many as 100 kids for our more special occasions, although typically the numbers range
between 25 and 40.

The kids come into the sanctuary (about ages 4-10) while the parents sit in the pews. The parents have
often thanked me for introducing their children to our Eucharistic Lord through these holy hours.

Afterwards, we go to a separate place and eat treats made by the moms.

In Christ,
Fr. Charles Klamut
Peoria, IL

Greetings fellow adorers of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament!

We have just had our first Children of Hope holy hour for children and I wanted to share with you how great it
was! I advertised it by posters only for this first week as I wanted to keep it small for the first try. We had 15
there! It was so touching to see the little children praying before Jesus! I was nervous at first because we
have tried to start this for a long time now but we were unable to obtain a priest to commit to each week.
We have decided to go ahead and have it each Saturday at 2 pm (we already have Perpetual Adoration
here) and there was an opening at that time. We have asked many priests from our Diocese to come and
be our guest leader. We have the materials ready and a suggested format to follow so he doesn’t have to
totally “wing it”! This seems to be a hit with them! The first week was beautiful and I look forward to many
more to come. I wish we had started this sooner! God bless you all, and go for it!!

St Francis of Assisi Parish
Wichita, Kansas
February 2nd, 2002 Feast of the Presentation of Jesus

ps. It has been over 6 years since I posted this and we still meet each Saturday. It’s wonderful! Many
miracles in the lives of the families!

One little boy began coming with his mom each week and they would pray for a special intention. After a
few months they shared this intention was that their oldest daughter was getting married and not planning to
marry in the church. Each week he gave her to Jesus and asked for help. He asked his mom all the time if
his sister had changed her mind, had his sister come back to the church…. After 6 months one day his Mom
got a call from this sister. “Mom,” she said, “I have come to believe that the Eucharist is really Jesus, (big
wink from Heaven!!) and that only the Catholic Church has this….” she had gone to confession, was back
going to Mass and was going to be married in the church!!! This little boy was so happy! The next week he
was praying his future Brother in law would become a Catholic. 14 months later, at Christmastime they
heard the good news, He had joined RCIA 3 months earlier and would become a Catholic at Easter!!! God
is good!!! After 2 wonderful gifts from this child’s prayers before Jesus, Fr Antoine responded, “Tell him to
ask for world peace!” 🙂

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