Adoration For School Children and Teens

Schools across America and the entire world are
bringing children to adore Jesus in Eucharistic
Adoration during the school day. What a great break
for both students and teachers! It works to bring a
more peaceful grace filled day to your school and

In the Diocese of Wichita, Kansas, for
example, every Catholic School now has
adoration for the students! Some schools
offer it weekly and others bimonthly.
Some offer it First Fridays all day. By
incorporating Adoration into the religious
formation in school you open a whole new
world of contemplative prayer for these
children, many of whom may have never
been to Adoration before. These children
can come before Jesus in the middle of a
school day just for a visit, to pray, adore
Him, thank Him for His presence among
us. They pray for Peace in the World, for
vocations to Priesthood and religious life,
for their teachers and all the burdens they
carry. They pray for their own families.
One boy I will never forget asked Jesus,
“For my parents to be real Catholics!”
How much grace must Jesus have poured
out to his family that day! How could He
resist such a pure request from the heart
of a little boy?

Getting started is easy! You just do it!

Talk with your principal and pastor to see if they are open to it.

Find a day that fits in the schedule.

If you have perpetual adoration you can bring Jesus into th main
church and the regular adorers can be there so the classes can
come and go.

If you don’t have perpetual adoration why not begin at least all
day adoration for that day? 🙂

Pray! Pray! Pray! Jesus will open the doors and help you make
this work! He wants it! 🙂

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