What about your teens?

NEW!!:”The Eucharist Expedition – To the Summit! ”

Pope John Paul II called on young people to live a “counter-cultural”
lifestyle. This pope, who was so close to the younger generations,
understood that for young people to grow up with a strong Christian
faith in a world content with agnosticism, relativism and apathy, they
would have to think, act and love in a way that contradicted the
messages they were receiving from secular society. For the Church to
counteract the prevailing cultural trends, two facts must be realized.
First, because a younger person’s search for truth often takes place
through his or her interactions at schools and universities, and through
the media, it is paramount to present the Truths of the Church to young
people through means that most appropriately speak to them during
this important time of discernment. Inevitably this means engaging
youth through the Internet, DVDs and television.

Second, it is very critical to foster in these young people their innate
desire to challenge the secular forces they are bombarded with at
every turn. Pope John Paul II was aware that despite the relativism
promulgated in the minds of the younger generations, young people
are drawn to the idea of Truth, and are excited about the search for it,
and attracted to themes of idealism and courage. We must take
advantage of the reality that most young people have yet to become
cynical to the point of apathy and understand that their boldness,
audacity and idealism can lead them to the Truth that is our Catholic
Church and the peace and joy that is Jesus Christ.

“Who shall climb the mountain of the Lord?” Psalm 24

“To the Heights!” was the cry Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati shouted as he led groups of friends up the mountains
many years ago. In his spirit, and in the spirit of Pope John Paul II, this documentary video will follow a group of young
people and Father Antoine Thomas of the Community of Saint John on an expedition up Colorado’s beautiful Collegiate
Peaks Mountains.

“To the Heights! Our Spiritual Ascent Towards God” will help teenagers and young people think about their own lives
and how they can find happiness in them by presenting 16 questions and answers which are important to youth today.
Through the answers that are given, and the witness to the importance of daily Mass, adoration, fellowship and fun, this
video will inspire young people to discover the joy of climbing towards the Truth fully found in Jesus Christ.

“To the Heights!” also takes you to discuss vocations with the Brothers and Sisters of Saint John!

Questions include:
-How do I know God exists?
-Who is Jesus, and how do I know He is God?
-How can we have lasting and meaningful relationships?
-Why do I have to go to Mass if I already have a strong personal
relationship with God?
-Why does God allow suffering?
-How does the Eucharist affect my life?
… And 10 other challenging questions!

Written by Father Antoine Thomas & Jordan Allott
Shot & Edited by Jordan Allott
Expedition Leader – David Marchinda
Produced by In Altum Productions
In Association with Children of Hope and the Community of Saint John.

David Marchinda (Expedition Leader)
Amy Marchinda
Father Antoine Thomas
Conner Chapin
Francois Devaux
Teresa Monticello
Jeff Large Aaron Krueger
Janelle Moneybrake
Suzie Brawley
Tom Cavera
Marjorie Makulski
Ken Marchinda
Jordan Allott

“Man is called to transcend himself. He is called to the mountain not only in its physical, bodily dimension. He is called by
God in Jesus Christ. This is the mystical mountain of all generations of human history.” – Pope John Paul II.

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